Jul 16, 2010
    Space Sphere - How Tos
    A list of instructions to achieve various tasks related to a successful launch and recovery.

  • Configure
  • Fabricate the payload in such a way that the cameras are always in the same orientation.
  • This will allow us to calibrate the control points ahead of time
  • Will also ensure that the cameras are in a known good configuration
  • Ensure all cameras are in the proper recording resolution and mode
  • Ensure all cameras are loaded with proper memory card and battery configuration
  • Ensure IMU is in proper working order
  • Calibrate
  • Build a frame or put stationary objects around the payload so that the cameras can get shots of them
  • Aligning without easily discernible control points sucks
  • Launch
  • Go through checklist twice, two different people/pairs
  • Fill weather balloon
  • Ensure tethered properly
  • Ensure drag inducer installed properly
  • Some action that tells all of the cameras when the action started so we can get them all in sync.
  • Retrieve
  • Launch location should be predetermined
  • On the day of launch, punch launch location and estimated ceiling into to get estimated LZ
  • Turn on GPS tracker before launching
  • Ensure name, phone number, and address are all clearly marked on payload
  • After launching, go to estimated LZ and wait to hear from the GPS tracker
  • Retrieve
  • Post Process
  • Goals
  • Create one equirectangular video from the 6 input videos
  • Calculate and try to compensate for any orientation changes
  • Processes
  • Equirectangular video
  • Prior to launching (or right before launch), reference photos should be taken with the cameras installed and without disturbing the payload.
  • This will provide us with a good control from which to make our control points. Provided the cameras never change position relative to each other, these control points should be valid for the duration of the ascent and descent.

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Space Sphere - How Tos