Jul 16, 2010
    Space Sphere - Concerns
    A list of things that can go wrong and contingency plans for dealing with them. Also includes potential snags in any part of the pre-launch, post-launch, retrieval, and post-processing stages.

  • Retrieval
  • I'm not so much concerned with retrieval as I am with getting something to track it with. A SPOT satellite messenger is a great idea, but requires a 99 dollar purchase and a 99 dollar one year service subscription. Would be nice to find someone with one already subscribed to borrow.
  • Post processing the video
  • Might have to drop all frames and post process each frame individually and convert the image sequence back into a video. Shouldn't be too bad, just time consuming. Even automated would take a long time.
  • Just found this link with information about how to possibly get away with only using 4 cameras.
  • Stabilizing the playback
  • As part of the post processing a file could be generated with time stamps and guesstimated rotation values given change in image from the last image. This can then be read by a modified player to translate the sphere that the flv will be projected onto to keep the image stable.
  • Add an IMU of some sort to help with the post processing steps.

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